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    Upcoming WyoClass Features

    Upcoming Features

    We are going to be constantly updating WyoClass and adding features to better serve Wyoming. Below are a list of things that we are currently working and will be coming soon…

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    Safe Trading Zones

    We are currently contacting all of the local law enforcement agencies to try to team up with them to create Safe Trading Zones.  This will be a location that you could use during certain hours to safely make your buy/sell/trade from WyoClass.

    Sign up / Sign in with Social Media

    We are currently working on setting up sign up and sign in with Social Media platforms such as:

    Google • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • And many more

    iOS and Android Apps

    We will soon be rolling out iOS and Android Apps for WyoClass.

    User login and application launching
    File search and analysis

    More customized filters when you do a search

    For example, if you are searching for a car there will be filters for Make, Model, Year, etc.  This will apply to more than just the vehicles category and be targeted to that specific category.

    Find what you are looking for

    We are also working on getting it setup to where you can post things that you are interested in or looking for and when someone posts something that fits what you are looking for, you will be sent a notification.  (This will be something that you sign up for and does not automatically happen.)